The Company:

Northern Minerals & Exploration (“NMEX”) is an emerging publicly traded company. NMEX is an oil and gas exploration company, a hotel & resort development company & a gold exploration company focused on both domestic and international projects.

NMEX was incorporated on December 11, 2006 under the laws of the State of Nevada. Its fiscal year end is July 31st,, is a reporting entity to the Securities Exchange Commission and is current in its quarterly and audited filings. The Company had a name change and share consolidation of 10 for 1 in August 2013.

Corporate Oil and Gas Strategy: Kathis Energy

Texas Oil & gas Investments

In December 2017, NMEX launched Kathis Energy LLC, for identifying & drilling low risk oil conventional investment opportunities in Texas.

Kathis offers Upstream Oil & Gas Investment Opportunities for the Family Office, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Wealth Management & Accredited Investors | Drilling Conventional Wells in Proven Oil Fields | Strong Asset Management Team | Alternative Investments | Direct Oil Well Investments for Income and Tax Benefits.

Kathis Energy’s niche is to go back into abandoned or plugged out oil fields that were substantial producers and recover the significant oil reserves that was left behind. Drilling new vertical wells in these prospective areas, utilizing today’s logging and completion techniques, is a conservative approach to building cash flow with potential for significant return on investment.

Kathis Energy has two funding campaigns:

1. $5,250,000 drilling fund for 8 wells in the Permian Basin in West Texas.

2. $30,000,000 drilling fund for 25 wells in South Texas

We have taken a very conservative approach to identifying drilling prospects for Kathis.  All of our projects have excellent geological support.

Call us at (833) KATHIS1

(833) 528-4471

Summary of additional NMEX Oil & Gas Assets:

Coleman County, Texas – Three well rework/recompletion project:

In October, 2014 the Company entered into an agreement to acquire a 75% working interest (56.25% Net Revenue Interest) in the J.E. Richey lease. The J.E Richey lease is located in a very prolific multiple pay area originally discovered by ARCO in the early 1980’s. This lease area has six known productive formations within the immediate area. This lease offers a conservative approach to building oil and gas production through re-working and re- completing existing wells coupled with spacing allowable for new drilling of 2 or more wells.

The existing three wells on the lease are fully equipped with downhole pumps, rods, tubing, pump jacks, well head and surface equipment including flow lines, production tanks, meter connections and gas gathering pipelines of particular interest on this lease is the Concho Richey #1 well which is located due west of the Olympia Hale #1 well that has produced more than 65,000 BBLS and over 160 MMCFG from the Gray formation.  The Gray formation has not been opened in the Concho Richey well and its log characteristics are very similar to those of the Olympia Hale well.

In March, 2015 the Company entered into an agreement to sell a 37.5% (28.125% NRI) working interest in the 3 wells on the lease for $180,000. The funds are to be used towards the turnkey costs of placing the three wells into production

In May 2015 the Company commenced reworking the J. E. Richey #1 & #3 wells.

The reworking of the J.E. Richey #1 & 3 wells has been completed and these wells are set for production. Work on the third well, the Concho Richey #1 is scheduled for the first week of June, 2015. Upon completion of the work on the Concho Richey #1, the company will start producing these three oil and gas wells into the production tanks and gas gathering pipelines on the lease.

Callahan County, Texas – Shallow Oil Project:

In July, 2014 the Company acquired a 75% working interest (52.5% Net Revenue Interest) in the Isenhower lease. The Isenhower lease has three fully equipped wells completed in the Cook Sandstone at approximately 500 feet. The lease also has one approved water injection well and eight (8) potential undrilled locations. Recent activity on the adjoining leases has renewed the interest in placing the wells back into production. The offsetting leases on the north and west sides of the lease have had 25 new wells drilled on it within the past year to complement the existing wells on those leases. This activity on the adjoining leases is part of a petroleum engineered re-pressuring water-flood program. The target for the re-pressuring water-flood program is the Cook Sandstone which is noted to have excellent porosity and permeability. Our lease is poised in an excellent position to receive benefit from the re-pressuring of the Cook Sandstone by theoperator on the adjoining leases to the north and west sides of our leased acreage. This re-pressuring may significantly improve the production rates on the lease which could have a dramatic effect on the revenues generated from the existing wells and any new wells drilled on our lease. The Company’s plan is to re-work all three of the wells to place them back into production and drill new wells to fully develop the acreage.

Callahan County, Texas – Mississippi Reef Project:

In July, 2014 the Company entered into an agreement to acquire a 60% working interest, (45% net Revenue Interest) in the J. Morgan lease. The J. Morgan lease is located in an area with multiple formations that are known to be oil & gas productive. Of particular interest are the recent Mississippi Reef discoveries in the area. A number of notable Mississippi Reef discoveries have been located using 2D seismic in this area. One of these Mississippi Reef discoveries has produced over 128,000 barrels of oil and 140 MMCF of natural gas in less than 10 years. A 2D seismic survey has been conducted covering the leased acreage reflecting an anomaly of interest.

While the Mississippi Reef is the primary target there are four other productive formations known to produce in the immediate area of the acreage and the possibility of three other formations that are also known to produce in the area. Of particular interest is the Cross Cut formation which was productive on the east side of the lease and could have potential on other parts of the acreage.

Laguna Bacalar Mexico – Hotel & Resort Development

NMEX updated and extended the Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) for entering into a definitive agreement for the purchase of 51% of Pemer Bacalar SAPI DE CV for jointly developing an ecofriendly multi facet resort on a freshwater lagoon near Bacalar in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico (“Property”).

Lake Bacalar is a fresh water lake feed by underground cenotes. It is called the lake of seven colors because of the white sandy bottom that gives the effect of having so many shades of blue.

Lake Bacalar Mexico


The Property is a part of the Riviera Maya, is located near the recently discovered Ichkabal Mayan ruins and is situated on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Nearly 10 million people visited the state of Quintana Roo last year, according to the Tourism Secretariat of Quintana Roo (SEDETUR).

NMEX has incorporated a wholly owned Mexican subsidiary to represent it interests in this proposed joint venture and an international accredited architect /engineering firm has been engaged to draft plans for development of the Property.

Recently, representatives of both NMEX and Pemer Bacalar attended a meeting in Dallas at the architect offices for a presentation of the preliminary proposed development plans for the property.  Ivan Webb, Vice President, stated “that he and all who attended the meeting were impressed with the professional presentation and excited about the development plans for the Property”


Winnemucca Mountain Gold Property


The Winnemucca Mountain Property (the “Property’) consists of a total 208 unpatented mineral claims in Humboldt County, in northwestern Nevada. Humboldt County is the second largest gold producing county in the United States and hosts numerous past and producing gold mines, including the Getchell (Barrick/Newmont), Marigold (Goldcorp), Lone Tree (Newmont), and Twin Creeks (Newmont). The Property is located about 25 km northwest of the Lone Tree Mine and 30 km southeast of the historic Sleeper open pit mine operated by Amax Gold from 1986 to 1996. Recent exploration at Sleeper has identified an additional resource of over 5 Million ounces of gold and in excess of 60 million ounces of silver.

The Property is located near the northern end of the highly productive Battle Mountain-Eureka mineral trend, and is underlain by Triassic sediments cut by several phases of Cretaceous and Tertiary intrusive and volcanic rocks. Previous exploration on the Winnemucca Mountain Property conducted by Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corp. (now Newmont Mining) between 1988 and 1990, focused on the pediment covered Swordfish zone. Gold mineralization in the Swordfish zone occurs within a northeast trending, low sulfide quartz vein system that extends approximately 670 meters (2,200 feet) along the western flank of claim block. Santa Fe conducted geological mapping, rock sampling, trenching, CSAMT and induced polarization geophysical surveys, collected 286 auger hole bedrock samples, and completed a total of 18,260 meters (52,470.8 feet) in 73 reverse circulation (RC) drill holes, nearly all of which were focused on the Swordfish zone and reported results ranging up to 13.7 m averaging 3.9 g per tonne gold (45 feet averaging 0.137 opt gold). Near the end of Santa Fe’s tenure on the Property, a step-out hole 500 meters (1600 feet) to the northeast of the swordfish zone encountered 69 g/t gold (2.2 opt gold) across 1.5 meters (5 feet) at what is known as the ‘SF Extension’.

This intercept was never followed up on by Santa Fe who relinquished their interest in the Property shortly thereafter.Management considers the untested and pediment covered 500-meter strike between the Swordfish Zone and SF Extension to be a high priority drill target, as well as investigating other areas beyond.In addition to the Swordfish and SF Extension areas, additional exploration targets have been identified and are comprised of multiple outcropping vein-type occurrences reported to carry anomalous gold values that have yet to be explored in detail. Exploration conducted in 1996, which included an induced polarization (IP) survey, is thought to have delineated two new target zones that correlate well with known mineralized areas.

Initial exploration completed by Northern Minerals and Exploration (“Northern”) including geologic mapping, rock sampling and geochemical exploration has shown a series of steeply dipping quartz veins outcroppings which appear to be associated with a major northeast trending, gold-bearing shear zone that is several hundred feet wide and 3,000-5,000 feet in length in the Swordfish Target area on Winnemucca Mountain. Indicating that the total strike length at the Swordfish Target is potentially significantly longer than the 2,200 feet previously outlined by Santa Fe Pacific in the 1990’s.

Results from the Northern’s initial phase of the exploration on the Winnemucca Mountain Property have been combined with available historic data to construct 3D modeling of the potential resource target area and to determine an ideal drilling strategy.

Winnemucca Mountain Property Summary

The Winnemucca Mountain Property covers 3800 acres and is located in an area of numerous past and current gold mines. Two of the most significant are the Sleeper and Hycroft mines, both of which produced over one million ounces of gold during operations from the late 1980’s to the late 1990’s. Both mines are located to the west of Winnemucca Mountain.

Gold and silver were first discovered in the Winnemucca Mining District in 1863, and during the 1860’s several smelters were constructed in the area. Modern exploration began in the 1980’s with mapping, geochemical sampling, geophysics and drilling conducted by several companies including St. Joe, Cordex, Tenneco, and Sante Fe Pacific Gold. By the mid-1990’s over 52,000 feet of drilling had been completed. A large percentage of this drilling was done in the Swordfish Target which is currently being evaluated by the company as a potentially minable deposit. Northern is planning further exploration on the Winnemucca Mountain property with the focus of defining the potential of one million plus ounces of gold equivalent on the Property.

Northern Minerals and Exploration Ltd. currently holds an option to acquire an 80% interest in the Winnemucca Mountain Property.



For further information on NMEX please refer to the Company’s website and the Company’s filings with the Securities Exchange Commission at www.sec.gov


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