Texas Oil & Gas Investment Opportunities

Texas Oil & Gas Investment Opportunities

Upstream Oil & Gas Investment Opportunities for the Family Office, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Wealth Management & Accredited Investors | Drilling Conventional Wells in Proven Oil Fields | Strong Asset Management Team | Alternative Investments | Direct Oil Well Investments for Income and Tax Benefits.

Northern Minerals & Exploration Ltd (NMEX) is a publicly traded Texas oil company.  In December 2017, NMEX launched a wholly subsidiary Kathis Energy LLC, for identifying & drilling low risk oil conventional investment opportunities in Texas.  NMEX owns 100% of Kathis Energy.

Kathis Energy’s niche is to go back into abandoned or plugged out oil fields that were substantial producers and recover the significant oil reserves that was left behind. Drilling new vertical wells in these prospective areas, utilizing today’s logging and completion techniques, is a conservative approach to building cash flow with potential for significant return on investment.

The Kathis team consists of highly experienced professional men with years of experience in discovering & developing multi million barrel oil fields and are dedicated to using these same talents in building revenues for Kathis Energy by taking advantage of today’s technologies in all aspects of the oil industry. The men who lead Kathis have combined hands on experience in oil and gas of over 250 years.  From the initial spudding to completed, successful wells with hydrocarbons brought to market, Kathis Energy oversees the work from the beginning to the end.  Our vision is that everyone that is a partner with Kathis Energy, from the receptionist answering your calls to the drilling crew pushing pipe thousands of feet into the earth, we are a team that has one simple goal; to positively impact the lives, communities and globe we all call home.

Kathis Energy has two funding campaigns:

(1) a $5,250,000 drilling fund for 8 wells in central west Texas

(2) a $30,000,000 drilling fund for 25 wells in south Texas

Watch Video below to learn about some of our oil & gas prospects for the Kathis Energy Fund #1.

Tax benefits of Oil and Gas Investing

Kathis can also help you and/or your Clients with the tax benefits for owning working interest in oil wells.  Intangible Drilling Cost “IDC’s”, Rule 179 new deductions & etc.

Texas Oil & gas Investments

Visit the Kathis Energy website to learn more: https://www.kathisenergy.com/

Call us at (833) KATHIS1

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